Texas Instruments Calculator Parallel Port Link

My link cable for the parallel printer port and software


Please pay attention to the pin numbering of the printer port connector.

I put one plug of the TI­to­TI link cable in an insulating tubing. The insulating tubing is pierced by three wires. The tubing is very tight – I warmed it with a candle. Some 2.5 mm stereo connectors have bad contact in the socket of the pocket calculator. So look carefully at the original TI jack before buying one.

It is important to initialize the printer port before connecting with the TI (just start the link program on the PC). Otherwise the TI will slow down (you cannot enter anything).

If you use link85xp.exe, the second important thing is, that you have to rename *.85p and *.85s files to *.85g. Do not rename backup files. (As the original link85x, link85xp supports backup files *.85b and grouped files *.85g only.)

  1. FAQ

  2. Hints
  3. A very helpful page
  4. LINKTEST.ZIP Version 1.02 (21258 bytes) – Test software for the parallel port link cable
  5. LINK85XP.ZIP (73959 bytes) – A patched version of link85x.exe working with my cable
  6. Vikash R. Goel's link program for TI­86, TI­85, TI­83, and TI­82 (working with the parallel port cable)
  7. A link program for the TI­82/parallel port cable
  8. LINK92XP.ZIP (84786 bytes) for TI­92
  9. Sami Khawam's Send89 – link software for the TI-89
  10. TI89 Help-Center
  11. ticalc.org – a site you will find other types of link cables on
  12. the gif again for lynx (hit d for download)

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